A place to connect.


In a world so dominated by social media, we were finding it difficult to connect with others in meaningful ways.  Many of us have tried just about everything to meet other young Jews around Boston.  We wanted something other than the typical stimulation-overload that comes with a bar's loud music and crowds that make it impossible to have a real conversation or, on the other hand, awkward evenings of small-talk and constant clock-checking.  We wanted a social group rooted in Judaism's traditions and relevant for today's young spiritual seekers.  We wanted to connect with others looking for a sense of community and belonging.

So we decided to start 384@KI, a young adult group aimed at creating social programming with a soul.  We are a community of young Jews in our 20s & 30s, committed to caring for each other and connecting in meaningful ways through social outings, learning opportunities, and religious activities.  Maybe we'll make brunch together on a Sunday morning or go kayaking on the Charles River.  Maybe we'll host Shabbat meals for each other in our homes, or grab ice cream together after helping to make a minyan for someone saying Kaddish.  No matter what we're doing, we're having a blast just being together.